I’m Michael Burgun, an independant software developer and consultant working these days building  tools and frameworks for migrating mainframe software. I’ve a particular interest in Microsoft’s .NET Framework and Micro Focus COBOL.

I live with my family on ten acres overlooking the ocean near beautiful Coffs Harbour, on the sub-tropical mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Since returning to Australia at the end of 2006, after living for seventeen years in the United Kingdom, we have set up the infrastructure and built a home, seperate office and studio (my wife is an artist) for a different way of life for us all. The intention is to both make a living in my chosen vocation and return a little to my roots by becoming a little more self-sufficient and living off our land.

This space primarily is intended as a place to gather my thoughts on technical matters in areas such as how to get legacy COBOL to play nicely with the .NET Framework or object-oriented architecture for mainframers. I will probably digress at times to the fun and games of dealing with an off-grid solar system, rural fencing, chooks and suchlike … Errr, I’m also known to have, umm, opinions …


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