Windows 8/8.1 tip

I’ve been using Windows 8.1 for a while now (yes, I am he of bleeding edge) and Windows 8 from the early days. I even quite like it (he says ducking and weaving)!

As a person who typically spends his time on the desktop rather than in the Modern UI (Metro) interface it really helps to get to know your Windows key shortcuts.  You users of older releases of Windows have reason to believe that the windows_keykey sitting there between the Fn and the Alt key to the left of your space bar was a waste of time … And you’d largely be right before Windows 8. After Windows 8 it becomes indispensible for those of us who spend time on the desktop. Pressing it by itself takes us to the Start Menu, Windows-D always gets you back to the desktop. The real hidden gem is Windows-X which brings up the power user menu:



Windows-X then hitting P brings up the Control Panel quicker than anything I know.

Well today there’s been an excellent posting at 4Sysopson how to edit the Power User Menu. Check it out, it’s really handy!


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