Not dead yet

No, I haven’t passed away … I have been VERY busy. I’ve spent a considerable time in the last couple of months converting mu NetExpress 5.1 product, Cobra to Visual COBOL 2010. Let me tell you, something I thought would take a couple of weeks at the most was considerably more work that that! The effort involved in ditching gnt’s and replacing them with dll’s, rewriting the Panels2 code and dealing with obscure COM interop problems has kept me truly busy. To add to that I’ve also been working on integrating my toolset with Visual Studio 2010 and that’s been both challenging and a lot of fun. Be prepared for some future posts in this area soon …

On another point, no COBOL doesn’t appear to be dead either … Check out here for in interesting view by an obviously informed commentator …

I’ll be back soon, I promise!


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