Missing in combat

Sorry about the pause over the last couple of weeks … I visited Ireland for a week to work with a client and then had a week of everything going wrong. First the extremely hot weather broke my server badly, then it took a couple of days for a visit from the maintenance engineer to visit with replacement parts, only to find that other parts were needed and a pause for another couple of days. All the while NOT getting emails. Also, just prior to this period of electronic isolation finding my Visual COBOL license had expired I requested from a kindly soul a new license, but of course could not see it … All’s well now and I have my license so normal service is about to be resumed.

I’ve decided to briefly digress from the school project to create a little application that will compile every COBOL program in a directory. The aim of the program is to illustrate a fantastic feature of the .NET Framework: Collections and along the way show the Task Parallel Library in .NET 4.0 and spring delegates on you … I’ll do some coding today and have something for you soon

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