Temporarily off air yesterday …

Sorry for leaving you all hanging yesterday waiting for a new gem … I’d been called to Sydney to participate in a film shoot for a product launch later this month. As the first time I’ve done anything like this, it was certainly an interesting experience. 

Leaving Coffs Harbour airport on a very wet morning, I flew to a warm, humid Sydney to join Celina at Boomerang Productions in Chippendale, not knowing what to expect. For the next four hours I answered the same four questions in increasingly concise terms and with varying degrees of fluency from varying angles … You would think after the fifth time of saying the same sentence you could pronounce the name of your own company correctly, wouldn’t you? It can be a real challenge to shave a rather complex answer of nuance and still answer the question. I came in prepared with what I thought were interesting and complete answers to some interesting questions and had everything shaved back to what will be about two minutes. Lord knows what it will come over like! Celina’s team were fantastic: friendly patient and very professional. You can be the judge on 20th Jan 2011!

After four hours in the studio, Celina dropped me at Sydney Domestic Airport for what I expected to be an uneventful flight back to Coffs … and it was uneventful … until we attempted to land. The very professional pilot made three attempts (we circled Coffs for over an hour). Rain and heavy wind made the airstrip almost invisible. On the fourth we landed and amazingly smoothly at that. Just as well, too! If it hadn’t happened we would have been returning south to either Newcastle or Sydney. After a fairly wild drive home through horizontal rain, I arrived two hours later than planned and will be watching the sky today as the forecasters are predicting possible flooding and we made need diesel for the backup generator given we’re unlikely to see the sun for a week!

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  1. Filming is amazing like that isn’t it? Recently I was tasked to reduce three 1 minute answers into three 20 second answers (still in one take) without loosing any content…

    Hope you got that diesel OK.

    – AJ


    • You also discover just how inarticulate you are! I think I shouted “Cut!” as often as they did!

      Yep, got the diesel … We barely saw the sun today, but thankfully flooding didn’t hit us here. Queensland hasn’t been so lucky though … The damage is being talked about in terms of billions of dollars, with 9 dead and 59 missing. I shouldn’t talk too soon as it’s just started pouring and the ground is thouroughly saturated. Thankfully we live on a hill and the worst thing would be that we couldn’t get into town for a couple of days …


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